a supper club

A multicourse culinary tradition from South Asia serves as an inspiration for an exciting seasonal and socially-driven dining experience


About wazwan

Wazwan is a practice that originated in Kashmir, a mountainous region shared by India and Pakistan. With multiple courses offered in one seating, the meal is meant to enamor the guest showcasing local seasonal ingredients. Tasting menus are not a modern invention, and they don’t have to be only for the affluent. Wazwan Supper Club aims to extend the idea of a traditional wazwan by bringing people together, showcasing cuisines from different parts of the world and respecting the seasonal availability of ingredients. 

In the spirit of Wazwan, a portion of the proceeds of every supper club will directly finance a monthly meal that feeds the guests of St. Teresa in Lincoln Park and The Cornerstone Outreach Center. Additionally we will be sourcing fresh produce for distribution at food pantries in multiple Chicago neighborhoods to individuals and families in need.

Join us, we look forward to having you as our guest. 



Reserve today for our 10-course tasting menu stacked with intense Indian, Kashmiri and South East Asian flavors.

private events

Chef Zubair Mohajir brings his fine dining expertise to your kitchen for a personalized culinary experience. Our event specialists will collaborate with you to create customized menus with superior, seasonal ingredients and refined service.