The First

It’s not very surprising to realize why as a species we were obsessed with flight. We were jealous of the heavens, the birds, or maybe the Angels or higher power we believed it. What it all boils down to is, perspective. There is just nothing like being 35 thousand feet in the air looking down on the world, full of its geographical blemishes, cracks and angles. Truly a thing of beauty. But also perspective, it shows you its age, what’s happened to it? Where it’s been? What has it survived?

When looking inward we are very similar to the landscape we so eagerly want to see from a different angle. We’ve aged, we’ve had great experiences come out of really bad ones, and some just really bad experiences that we hope we learned from. But all along the way we grown and evolved into our current self in this moment.

Right now life for me is an amazing contrast to what it was growing up. Growing up surrounded by friends and family who were eager academics who couldn’t wait to embark on their next level of schooling, all while charging forward toward achieving their own professional dreams or those assigned to them by their parents.

When looking back, I realized I’ve actively hated the delivery of information we call school for as long as I can remember. I remember feeling bored out of my fucking mind, Every class, the bell would ring, my mind would drift away for 45 mins to hour. Stop and repeat.

When you were younger it was easy to bullshit your way out of a “ what are you going to be when you grow up?” Conversation. When you’re young everyone has no problem with anything that comes out of your mouth. As I got older I had the realization that I would have to make a decision at some point. What the fuck is work? Why would I want to do the same thing as I would start doing at the age of 22 ? The whole concept of a career was boring, watching people going to the same job for 20 years or working in the same industry doing the same thing blew my mind. I want to clarify I am very happy for the people out there who are doing their jobs, found the careers n so on. I’ve just felt like I was never on that path, mentally lost until the age of 28 pretty much. Which is fucking scary yet refreshing to consider.

Leap of faith. Faith in yourself, the confidence to put everything on your shoulders. I looked at my life and realized I was waiting for someone else to give me a break or do something for me that would better my life. The day I decided to “fuck it” and put it all on my me. Was the most defining day of my life.

I’m not really sure where the fuck this thought is going, I’m sitting here on a plane, headed to Bangkok, Thailand to work at the #5 restaurant in the world named Gaggan for the next 2 months. Im just excited to be a sponge and absorb everything headed my way.

I am also currently freaking out about being on the shortest flight of the journey. Not sure what I’m going to do with myself for 10hrs from SFO to Tokyo. Random thought, having being blessed with a exit aisle seat but really close to the bathroom is an interesting experience. Watching people pee 4 times in 3 hours in making me question if I’m hydrated enough. 

Alright, time to bring it back, With Sunday’s being my day off to the next 2 months in Thailand, I will be doing weekly posts. Documenting my experiences and sharing my worthless thoughts. If you’d like to keep track, feel free to do so by joining our email list at The weekly posts will also be posted on the site under the blog tab once we figure out how to do that .

zubair mohajir